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Epimed Expanding New York Operations to Farmers Branch

Medical device manufacturer Epimed is expanding some of its New York operations to Farmers Branch. The company, which has a regional presence at 7445 Las Colinas Blvd. in Irving, will operate out of that space until its new 23,000-square-foot facility on the west side of Farmers Branch is ready.

The new space will house the company’s corporate headquarters, sterile packaging, and distribution center, said economic development director John Land. The operation in New York will remaining up and running, said N. Sandor Racz, executive vice president of Epimed.

Epimed makes pain management products and supplies a number of high-profile companies, including Teleflex, Smiths Medical, St. Jude’s Medical, and Kimberly Clark. The company also has operations in Singapore and Budapest.

N. Sandor Racz, executive vice president of Epimed, said Farmers Branch provided a “unique environment for growth.” He said the company is doing well “despite the challenging environment of ever-increasing medical costs.”

The company is acquiring its new Farmers Branch facility Land said. “Purchasing space speaks to (Epimed’s) long-term commitment to the area,” he said.

Here are additional insights on the expansion from Racz: “Beginning with the invention of the spring wound epidural catheter, Epimed has developed its pain management line of products into a highly efficient manufacturing operation. We pride ourselves in the manufacture, distribution, and export of our complete line of products from our U.S. facilities. We have used our expanding production expertise as a launch pad in offering innovative, high quality, ISO certified products to a host of medical industry partners. Our outlook is that U.S.-manufactured products will experience significant growth if—and hopefully when—the economy rebounds. Texas, and specifically Farmers Branch, offers us a great climate for our projected growth.”

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